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In The Beginning

Holy Spirit's Council 11460 was established in November 1994, only four years after Holy Spirit became a parish and just after our move into our new church, through the efforts of eleven parishoners who were already Knights. They were encouraged by Don Ahlstrom, a parish member and a past Grand Knight of Council 1013 here in Rochester; Doug Cederholm then the district deputy; and our pastor, Fr. Dale Tupper. They saw the need for organizing the men of our parish into a group that could work for the good of Holy Spirit and the surrounding community. The Knights were a natural fit for this need.

Our first First Degree ceremony was held November 1994 and the second held in January 1995.

These new Knights along with the existing ones became our charter members: Damian Ahlstrom, Don Ahlstrom, Francis Aning, Jim Bier, Jeff Block, Ray Bressel, Mark Brickl, Larry Burgart, Pete Bushman, Kevin Coughlin, Mitchell Dahl, Jim Decker, Greg Eaton, Lee Erdmann, Tom Fox, Bruce Fujan, DeWayne Gallenberg, Paul Graff, Don Hoerle Jr., Dave Hubka, Jonathan Jones, John Kalwasinski, Greg King, Marv Kulas, Greg Laughland, Jim Lehman, Bob Loechler, Mike Madden, Jim Mathews, David Meyer, Chuck Mosier, Glen Nelson, Steve Nowakowski, Bill Oertli, Duane Price, Kevin Rademacher, Dave Rossman, Greg Rowekamp, Brent Samb, Tom Sand, Brian Uhlenkamp, Eric Van Norman, Steve Wasz, and John Wilke.

By 1998 we had 100 members in the council. Our current membership is just around 180.

Grand Knights

Knights of the Year

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Minnesota Awards

Jim Decker - 2009 Minnesota Knight of the Year